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Indoor & Outdoor rated

SPAN's modern design allows for beautiful display either indoor or outdoor.

Compatibility with Others

Compatible with Tesla Powerwall, Enphase IQ Battery1, LG RESU2, and SolarEdge Energy Bank2.
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Over-the-air software updates

Internet-connected gateway for wireless communication and software updates.

32 controllable circuits

Manage every circuit in your home from a smartphone or tablet—even when you’re not there.
Span Certified Installer Electrical Smart Panel

Have the ability to

Control every circuit in your home

SPAN® makes it simpler to manage home energy by bringing you insights for solar, batteries, EVs, and individual home loads all in one place.

The electrical panel is an essential part of your home, interfacing with the grid, solar, battery storage, and everything you power. Get the SMART panel that helps you achieve your energy upgrade goals while giving you better options for managing your battery backup.

SPAN® is making home energy connected and intuitive with a smart electrical panel that makes it easier to adopt clean energy and optimize power.

  • Customizable battery backup
  • Smart monitoring & controls
  • Streamlined modern design

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Span Certified Installer Texas
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We are the Leading SPAN® Installers in Texas
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“A long-overdue, borderline genius product that puts much-needed control back into the hands of homeowners.”
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“I've discovered more about the energy consumption of my home since SPAN Panel was installed than I did in 20+ years.”
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“Extends the functionality of the electric panel with some extra smarts targeted at one of the most power-hungry devices in a modern home: the electric vehicle.”
Span EV Charger
Span Certified Installer Texas
Award-winning circuit-level control, longer battery backup, and unparalleled energy insights. SPAN® Panel is your home’s intelligent command center.

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We are the Leading installer for SPAN smart electrical panels in Texas!

Older homes are not ready to support the electronics of today. It’s time to Upgrade with EPX. We provide SMART electrical panels, EV Chargers, and electrification services to help you control ever circuit in your home. If you need to upgrade your old electrical panel, or you’re building a new home – we’ll wire, install, and upgrade your home’s (or business) electrical system to help you manage all of your SMART appliances, devices, backup generators, solar panel, electric cars and more.

Electrification is Our Specialty! SPAN- Smart Electrical panel, EV Chargers, Solar & Storage. You can depend on us to provide a high quality service at a fair and honest price.

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