Get Level 2 fast-charging with SPAN Panel + Drive.

$750 accessory to SPAN Panel (not including installation or tax)

SPAN Drive is a Level 2 home EV charging station that pairs with SPAN Panel for a dynamic and flexible charging experience. With the SPAN Home app, SPAN Drive allows you to charge your EV faster, cleaner, and smarter.

EV Charger Level 1

Regular wall outlet

Level 1
Typically 1.4-1.9 kW
Up to 6 miles of range
added per hour
Span Drive EV Chargers

Other EV Chargers

Level 2
Typically 5.7-9.6 kW
Up to 27 miles of range
added per hour
May require expensive
service upgrade
Span Drive Level 2

Span Drive

Level 2+
Up to 11.5 kW
Up to 41 miles of range
added per hour
No service upgrade needed

Charge Faster, Smarter, & Cleaner

SPAN Drive is the only universal EV charger that gives you fast and dynamic charging without a service upgrade. Reach out to our team to learn how to avoid those fees.

Charged & Ready

SPAN Drive delivers 48 amps (11.52 kW) of power and is compatible with all EVs, including Tesla.

faster EV Charging

Miles of range added per hour is based on a Tesla Model S. This will vary based on vehicle type.

SPAN really does fill that circuit-level control that’s missing from home battery systems.


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Span Drive is a sleek, competitively priced EV charger that extends the functionality of the Span Panel.

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Add a stunning compliment to your SPAN Smart Electrical Panel with SPAN Drive – an EV charger that looks as good as it performs.

Span EV Charger