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The smarter electrical panel that provides total home energy management.

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This will be your new favorite tech in your home

Actionable insights into your home’s energy consumption & production

Circuit-level control from anywhere with the SPAN Home app

Smarter whole-home backup. Compatible with category leading storage systems.

Compatible with Tesla Powerwall, Enphase IQ Battery1, LG RESU2, and SolarEdge Energy Bank2.


increase in storage usage when paired with a battery

Average Duration Hours for Outage Use

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“A long-overdue, borderline genius product that puts much-needed control back into the hands of homeowners.”
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“I've discovered more about the energy consumption of my home since SPAN Panel was installed than I did in 20+ years.”
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“Extends the functionality of the electric panel with some extra smarts targeted at one of the most power-hungry devices in a modern home: the electric vehicle.”
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Upgrade with SPAN®

Base price is $4,500 (not including installation) – Keep in mind you might be eligible for Texas homeowner Tax credits too. Learn more about SPAN cost here.

SPAN® makes it simpler to upgrade your home. You can now manage home energy by bringing your insights for solar, batteries, EVs, and individual home loads all in one place.

Get the SMART panel that helps you achieve your energy upgrade goals while giving you better options for connecting across all of your home’s devices, appliances, and resources.


Smarter energy is here

Indoor & Outdoor rated

SPAN’s modern design allows for beautiful display either indoor or outdoor.

Compatibility with Others

Compatible with Tesla Powerwall, Enphase IQ Battery1, LG RESU2, and SolarEdge Energy Bank2.

Over-the-air software updates

Internet-connected gateway for wireless communication and software updates.

32 controllable circuits

Manage every circuit in your home from a smartphone or tablet—even when you’re not there.

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Span Certified Installer Texas
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Download the App & Experience a Simulated SPAN Home

SPAN® is making home energy connected and intuitive with a smart electrical panel that makes it easier to adopt clean energy and optimize power.

Connected Home or sustainability-focused buyers who want to boost energy efficiency in their homes love how the SPAN Panel provides control and monitoring from an intuitive and full-featured smartphone app.


Control your home’s energy usage

Manage and monitor all of your home’s circuits
in real time with the SPAN Home app.

Prepare for future home upgrades

Dynamic load management enables electrification
upgrades like solar and battery systems, heat pumps,
and EV chargers.
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Span and Alexa

“SPAN® empowers homeowners to prepare for an electrified future.”

William Agundes, Founder & CEO of EPX
Span Certified Installer Texas
Certified SPAN installer in Texas