Standby Generator

How did you fair with electricity in Snowmageddon/ Snovid 2021? How long did you go without power- 1 hour/ 5 hours/ or 4 days?

A Standby Generator would have been nice to have to provide power for your electrical necessities like heat, water heater, lights and fridge. Investing in a generator is a great way to keep your appliances and devices up and running when you lose power. Whether it’s a storm in the spring, summer or winter, you can rest easy knowing your family will have power with a standby generator.

What Size Generator do I Need?

Choosing the right size generator depends on the size of your home, what you need or wish to power and your budget. The average house will take at least 5,000-7,500 watts to run for your critical equipment like: Furnace, fridge and water heater. If you are looking to power your whole house, you will want to invest in a generator with a least 20,000 watt power.

It is important to consider the price tag of installing a generator as a great investment that will last as long as your mortgage loan. Most standby generators can run anywhere from 10,000-30,000 hours. What that means to you, if you were to use it for 100 hours per year, that translates to 10-30 years. Our opinion, that’s a great investment!


  • Runs on natural gas or liquid propane/ propane tanks
  • Mobile link remote monitoring system- Online monitoring
  • Durable & weather-resistant designs
  • Designed for long operations
  • Automatic start with transfer switch


  • Some setups require professional installation. Others DIY
  • Some are expensive
  • Some exclude battery and transfer switch
  • Some are only good for small homes

NATURAL GAS or LP- Liquid Propane/ Propane Tank- If you have natural gas in your home, that’s the best option for a standby generator. If it doesn’t, no problem, you will simply need to purchase a propane tank.

There are several brands, wattage outputs and different options to choose from. GENERAC/ BRIGGS & STRATTON/ KOHLER/ CHAMPION  are available to purchase. Depending on the brand and wattage output, that will determine your total investment cost to get one installed.

Give us a call or contact us if you need a free estimate or have any questions about installing a standby generator in your home or business.


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