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I’m a big fan!

You know, I’m a big fan of the SPAN panels now that I had ’em. They were installed by EPX, probably about four or five weeks ago. You know, I’m putting solar on our home, and this was kind of the first step in that process. One of the things with SPAN, whenever you add the SPANs, for whatever reasons, where I live, in the city of Dallas, there’re certain things that your house has to have. And Will and his team, first and foremost, were like, “Hey, we need to add this, we need to add that.” And it wasn’t from, and I didn’t take it from, they were trying to add things to drive the cost up. It was, “Hey, we need to be able to help you with your home.” Surge protector, all these different types of things that I was happy to add because it added to the safety of my house, and actually, it helped protect the equipment I was investing in. And so I was appreciative of that.

Surpassed my Expectations

It was just, overall, it’s one of those experiences, when you’re paying for any product out there, your expectations are here. And unfortunately, in the world we live in right now, the results sometimes are here. These guys surpassed my expectations. And my wife will tell you I’m probably hard to give that rating to. But, you know, it’s just anything from the beginning, to the execution, the installation, and then the follow up, on the customer satisfaction side, I’m a big fan.
solar and SPAN panels in Dallas


Very Professional reasonable prices, the work was done the same day as the appointment made.


Vinson G.

Fort Worth, TX

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Did a great job they will be my go-to company for all my electrical jobs . Great work in a timely manner. Thank you!
Judy G

Judy G.

Royse City, TX

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