Never Fear Another Outage

DuroMax Backup Power

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Power Your Essentials or Your Whole Home

DuroMax Power Systems to ensure you’re prepared for the unexpected power outage. Using gasoline, our home generators are an appliance that is essential for anyone looking for an efficient backup generator to power their entire home. From dual fuel gas propane generators to electric start gas generators – you’ll find the best generator to give you peace of mind and power when it matters most.

Never Fear Another Outage

From tornadoes and winter storms all the way to summertime wildfires, you can never be too prepared for the power to go out. Your family will thank you and you will be able to enjoy the comforts of a fully powered home regardless of the time of the year.

Power Up What You Need –

From keeping the heat on to keeping our food cold, power is essential to our daily lives. Portable power takes it a step further, allowing you to have comfort in any disaster, or to get work done in remote locations when traditional power sources are usually unavailable.

Pioneering Portable Home Power Backup