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EcoFlow creates the world’s most innovative, eco-friendly power solutions that enable you to live, dream, and explore without limits. They offer portable power stations, also known as portable generators or battery backups. These devices are used to provide power to electronics and small appliances during power outages or when away from a power source. They are usually recharged using solar panels or through a standard electrical outlet and can be used as an alternative to gas-powered generators.

Why have backup power for your home?

Homeowners should have backup generators to ensure that they have a reliable source of electricity during power outages. Power outages can be caused by a variety of factors, such as storms, natural disasters, and equipment failures. Without a backup generator, homeowners may be without electricity for an extended period of time, which can be inconvenient and potentially dangerous. Backup generators can provide power to essential systems such as heating, cooling, and refrigeration, as well as communication systems and medical equipment. They can also provide power to lights and appliances, which can make a power outage more manageable. Additionally, a backup generator can help to protect against food spoilage and other damage caused by a loss of power.

We’re ready to install EcoFlow for you and connect it to your SPAN® panel and compatible smart devices.

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