What is Electrification? Smart Home Energy in Texas

Texas Home Owners are Going Green

As Texas continues to experience rapid population growth and urbanization, homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact and save money on energy costs. One solution that is gaining popularity is home electrification, which involves replacing fossil fuel-based systems such as natural gas and propane with electricity from renewable sources. One of the cutting-edge solutions for homeowners to upgrade is their electrical panel. When you choose to upgrade your electrical panel to SPAN smart panel you gain full control of your solar panels, your EV charger, and ever circuit in your home.

Electrification –  replacing fossil fuel-based systems in your homes such as natural gas and propane with electricity from renewable sources.

One of the main benefits of home electrification is that it allows homeowners to take advantage of the increasing availability of clean, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. In Texas, the state government has set a goal of generating 10,000 megawatts of renewable energy by 2025, and there are already a number of solar and wind projects in development. By choosing to electrify their homes, Texas homeowners can ensure that they are using energy from these clean sources, rather than relying on fossil fuels that contribute to air pollution and climate change.

Home Electrification Benefits

Another advantage of home electrification is that it can help homeowners save money on energy costs. Imagine controlling your home’s usage from your phone or computer. Electric appliances and systems are often more energy efficient than their fossil fuel counterparts, which means they use less energy and produce fewer emissions. Additionally, many utility companies offer special rates and incentives for customers who use renewable energy, which can further reduce the cost of electrifying a home.

So, what does home electrification involve? One of the most common ways to electrify a home is to replace natural gas appliances, such as the furnace and water heater, with electric versions. This can be done by installing an electric heat pump for heating and cooling, and an electric tankless water heater for hot water. Another option is to install a solar panel system, which can provide electricity for the home during the day, and store excess energy in a battery for use at night.

  1. Solar Panel Installation: Homeowners can embrace electrification by installing solar panels on their roofs. These panels convert sunlight into electricity, allowing homeowners to generate their own clean and renewable energy. Solar power can be used to power various appliances and reduce dependence on the traditional electrical grid.
  2. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: As electric vehicles (EVs) gain popularity, homeowners can adopt electrification by installing EV charging stations at their homes. This allows them to conveniently charge their EVs overnight, ensuring a fully charged vehicle each morning. By embracing electric transportation, homeowners contribute to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable mobility.
  3. Smart Home Automation: Integrating smart home automation systems enables homeowners to control and optimize their energy consumption. Smart thermostats, for example, allow users to manage heating and cooling efficiently, reducing energy waste. Additionally, smart plugs and energy monitoring devices provide insights into energy usage, empowering homeowners to make informed decisions and optimize their energy consumption patterns.

EV Charging Stations

Another option for home electrification is to install an EV charging station. Pair your smart SPAN panel with SPAN Drive to skip the upgrade fees. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, having a charging station at home can save homeowners time and money, and also reduce the environmental impact of driving.

Home electrification is not without its challenges. One issue is the cost of installation, which can be substantial, particularly for larger homes or homes that require major retrofitting. Additionally, there are some concerns about the reliability of electric systems during power outages, particularly in areas that are prone to storms or other natural disasters. However, many experts believe that these challenges can be overcome with advances in technology and more widespread adoption of home electrification.


Home electrification is a smart and cost-effective way for Texas homeowners to reduce their environmental impact and save money on energy costs. Add value to your home. Leave your home to the next generation of your family with a sustainable electric system in place. By replacing fossil fuel-based systems with clean, renewable energy sources, homeowners can help to reduce air pollution and combat climate change, while also enjoying the benefits of energy-efficient appliances and systems. With Texas setting the target of moving toward renewable energy by 2025, now is the perfect time for Texas homeowners to consider electrifying their homes.

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