Revolutionize Your Home Energy Management with Smart Electrical Panels

Are you tired of high energy bills and wish you had more control over your home’s energy consumption? It’s time to consider the future of home energy management with smart electrical panels. Imagine having the power to monitor and control your electricity usage, optimize your energy efficiency, and even integrate renewable energy sources seamlessly. With SPAN, Leviton, and Lumin smart panels, you can make this vision a reality. Keep reading to learn how these innovative solutions are transforming the way we manage energy in our homes.


Your All-in-One Home Energy Hub

Span Panel

The SPAN Smart Panel is the ultimate home energy management solution, bringing all your energy insights together in one place. With SPAN, you can effortlessly manage solar, battery storage, electric vehicles (EVs), and individual home loads. Here’s what makes SPAN a game-changer:

  • Comprehensive Insights: Get real-time data on your energy consumption, production, and storage.
  • Remote Control: Control your home’s electrical systems and devices remotely via a smartphone app.
  • Energy Optimization: Let SPAN analyze your energy usage patterns and suggest ways to save money and reduce your environmental footprint.

Don’t wait; take control of your home’s energy with SPAN’s cutting-edge technology.


Power Elevated to New Heights

Leviton Smart Breakers

Leviton is a trusted name in the industry, and their Smart Circuits are taking home energy management to new heights. The Leviton Load Center is the industry’s most intelligent circuit breaker system, and here’s why it’s worth considering:

  • Award-Winning Technology: Leviton Smart Circuits have received recognition for their innovation and effectiveness.
  • Enhanced Safety: Benefit from overload protection and circuit monitoring, ensuring your home is safe and secure.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate renewable energy sources effortlessly and maximize your green energy utilization.

Upgrade your electrical system with Leviton Smart Circuits for peace of mind and efficiency.


Advanced Load Control and Energy Automation

Lumin App

The Lumin Smart Panel is another excellent choice for those seeking advanced load control and energy automation. Here’s why you should consider Lumin:

  • Energy Savings: Let Lumin’s automation features help you save energy and money without sacrificing comfort.
  • User-Friendly: The Lumin Smart Phone App makes it easy to monitor and control your home’s energy usage.
  • Customization: Tailor your energy management to suit your unique needs and preferences.

Make your home smarter and more energy-efficient with the Lumin Smart Panel.

Upgrade to Smart Home Energy Solutions Today

Ready to take the plunge into smart home energy management? Our team of master electricians is here to provide expert advice and solutions tailored to your needs. We consider factors like your home’s size, electrical usage, budget, and mobility requirements to recommend the perfect smart electrical panel for you.

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