Best EV Charger for your Home 2023

TechCrunch called it “a sleek, competitively priced EV charger that extends the functionality of the Span Panel.” It is the only universal EV charger that gives you fast and dynamic charging without a service upgrade. SPAN Drive delivers 48 amps (11.52 kW) of power and is compatible with all EVs, including Tesla.

We know that nearly 48 million homes in the United States will require an electrical service upgrade to install Level 2 EV fast-charging*. This can take months to schedule, cost thousands of dollars to complete, and require disruptive trenching for outdoor service wires.

Skip the painful service upgrade. Get Level 2 fast-charging with SPAN Panel + Drive.

SPAN has been awarded the title of 10 most innovative energy companies in 2022. Their sole focus is on electrification for the homeowner. Now’s the time to upgrade your home’s Electrical Panel to SPAN and pair it with SPAN Drive for clean, fast, safe charging for your EV.

Imagine having the full control in the palm of your hand through the SPAN app. View it for yourself on the APP demo.

SPAN Drive EV Charger

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Very Professional reasonable prices, the work was done the same day as the appointment made.


Vinson G.

Fort Worth, TX

Get SPAN Installed Faster

We have SPAN in stock and ready to install today. We empower homeowners to prepare for an electrified future.

  • Flexible Home Energy Control
  • SPAN® works with Alexa®
  • Charge your EV faster with SPAN Drive
Did a great job they will be my go-to company for all my electrical jobs . Great work in a timely manner. Thank you!
Judy G

Judy G.

Royse City, TX

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