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Whole Home Smart Energy

Upgrading your home to become a “Smart Home” does not mean that you will be more energy-efficient automatically, but it does give you the opportunity to conserve energy better than before.

You can make small adjustments like turning lights off, adjusting thermostats, and open and close window coverings remotely to maximize your energy use. But others find that they naturally use energy more efficiently when they have access to the information and control a smart home offers.

Investments like a SPAN® Panel or electric car charging stations are another great way to save energy, and possibly money, with a smart home system. This is also a great way to add resale value to your home as smart panels and EV chargers increase in popularity.

How these Smart Energy changes help you

Imagine being able to prioritize “must-have,” “nice-to-have”, and “non-essential” electrical circuits in real-time. You’ll see what appliances, or sections of your home are causing you to have bloated energy bills. When you upgrade to the SPAN® Panel, you’ll gain this access in the SPAN® Home app.

The classic electrical panel structure really hasn’t changed for decades. But these days every home has some “smart” components that help bring convenience and comfort. Pairing those devices with a Smart Energy Panel is the next step toward green home energy.

SPAN®’s onboard intelligence uses your energy data to give you interesting, actionable and previously unknown insight into your home. When paired with solar panels and a battery, SPAN® gives you the best protection against power outages. And just like our electric cars, SPAN® gets better over time with over-the-air software updates.

“SPAN® is now the center of my smart home. I’ve been waiting most of my life for this product” – Customer

LED Lights Indoor:

Did you know that LED Lights are not only energy-efficient, but they’re also considered safer. Classic light bulbs that are incandescent or fluorescents can emit a lot of heat which is wasted energy. Since they can be hotter to the touch than LEDs, we’ve found it best to replace them. Additionally, Typically LEDs are less of a fire hazard, making them a smart option to improve your home safety.

Not to mention. -they Last & Last & Last & Last! Manufacturers claim one bulb can last up to 100,000 hours.

Outdoor LED Lights

With many of us having beautiful landscape lighting for our curb appeal or around our pools – changing out those bulbs to LEDs can give brighter glow to your outdoor luminescence.

Many electric vehicle owners have realized that the best place to charge an electric vehicle is at home. Public chargers may be faster but they’re not the best for your battery lift. With a charging station in your garage, all you have to do is remember to plug in when you get home. You could wake up to a full battery and drive out without range anxiety.

Partner this great tech with your SPAN® Drive to charge safer and faster. Watch This Video

Wether you have solar or other means of a backup battery source like an EcoFlow for your home you’ll want to pair it with SPAN to have full control to choose where your power is used and to change backup priorities whenever you want.
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