5 Ways to Tell if Your Home is Losing Energy

You’re probably not even aware that you’re losing energy in your home, but it’s happening whether you like it or not.  The average American household wastes $2,000 per year on the energy they don’t need to be spending. This is money that’s just going out the window. Literally.

EPX has the answer. Our SPAN smart energy panels replace your home’s classic electrical panel and track energy use in real-time. This upgraded technology will show you where your home is spending energy so you can take action and save money on your utility bills.

Imagine a world where you can monitor your home’s energy consumption, solar production and battery system all from one place. With SPAN Home App it is now possible! The free mobile app allows users to easily turn circuits on/off manually while at the same time automating which ones should take priority when off-grid operation begins – this means more power for those who need it most during an emergency or natural disaster without risking electrical outages in other parts of their property. 

Smart Energy is quickly becoming the desired form of power for our future needs. Why? 

Smart energy has become more efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly than ever before! As technology progresses so does its potential to benefit us as human beings on an everyday basis with smarter appliances that make life easier all around – not just at home or work but also when you’re out & about doing your daily chores like running errands during lunch break (or after hours).  Manage your home’s energy from your smartphone. Time to upgrade!

Here are five ways to tell if your home is losing energy:

1. Electrical Outlets

Outlets are small yet they can have a significant impact on your home’s efficiency. The outlets may not be visible, but it is important to check them because leaks will cost you money in energy bills!

The electrical outlets in your home are a potential source for leaks because they’re cut into the wall. Interior and exterior electrical boxes can also be vulnerable, but it’s hard to overlook this problem when you notice that there is water coming out from under something near an outlet!\

You can fix this by:

If you want to ensure your electrical outlets are properly sealed and can prevent air leaks, use sealant around the outlet boxes themselves. The gaps between wall-mounted plates may be filled with caulk or silicone; however, these don’t always work as well so we recommend using something like Goop before installing anything into any new space where they may not be consistently installed correctly. Reach out to us if you’d like a professional to examine your electrical outlets before you attempt any of these tasks.

You can also track your appliance usage via your smartphone.  Today’s technology is so advanced that you can install a smart SPAN electrical panel in your home and track it all! Take full control of your home’s electrical spend with an upgraded electrification tool like SPAN.

2. Appliances- even your chargers

Big appliances like kitchen appliances, your entertainment center, your home office, and even smaller electronic devices including toasters, lamps, clocks, space heaters, and more, when plugged in, can consume electricity even when they’re turned off.

There are many newer devices that need daily charging such as laptops and smartphones. This has led to people leaving their chargers at home or the office so they can be plugged into a wall outlet when needed with cords conveniently waiting for the next time your phone needs some juice! But this can zap your home’s energy and slowly increase your utility bills. 

This is called Standy Energy Loss. Standby energy is maddening. It can account for hundreds of dollars in average costs over the course of a year, which drives home just how much these devices are using when they’ve been switched off!

You can fix it by:

Old method – Invest in a watt-reader to understand just how much energy you’re actually using.

Smart methodSPAN Electrical Smart Panels

The easiest way to stop your appliances and electronics from using electricity while they’re plugged in but turned off is by unplugging them every night or when not in use. That being said, this isn’t always easy for people who have many devices that need standby mode abilities because of their design specifications – some may require you to leave the power cord attached at all times!

For smaller appliances, one of the easiest ways to combat standby energy loss is by consolidating several devices into a power strip. That way, you can switch off several of your electronics with the flip of a switch instead of going one by one. 

Also consider buying ENERGY STAR equipment, in which standby power use may be lower than one watt.

Imagine monitoring your appliances’ energy consumption from your smartphone? It’s totally possible with SPAN energy panels.

3. Windows

How do windows impact your home’s energy consumption? Well, if your heater or air conditioner units are having to run more often or at a higher temperature you’ll find that utility bill going up and up.  It could easily be due to your windows not being sealed correctly or even simply being too thin. It’s wild to think that, but it’s very real.  

Don’t let your windows get in the way of saving money! Seal them up tight to cut down on energy consumption and increase efficiency.

You can fix this by:

You can determine the efficiency of your windows, and compare the measurement of the temperature somewhere in the interior of your home to the number you get from pointing the laser thermometer at your windows. You can also monitor this usage with a Smart Electrical Panel.

4. Your Garage

We tend to only consider our active “inside” living space when investigating our home’s energy deficiencies. Don’t forget about the garage.  You could have power tools that are on chargers, water filters, water heaters, garage door openers, and a second refrigerator or freezer that can all play a role in increasing power usage.

Some homeowners even have backup generators or solar panels that can be on standby for outages. But when you partner your backup generator or solar panels with a smart SPAN panel you have even more safety in urgent times.

You can fix this by:

Investigate your garage high and low. Look at each outlet to identify how it’s being used and consider unplugging resources zapping your home’s energy.  If your garage appliances like your water heater or water filtration system are older – they may be sucking wattage too. Upgrade your appliances to SMART Energy appliances and start saving money.  Want to be able to tell if they’re too old and causing high utility bills? Install a SPAN smart electrical panel today and track every watt.

5. Lighting

So many homeowners are still using old light bulbs in our lighting fixtures and believe it or not this loss of energy efficiency can add up to that electric bill. Indoor lights, porch lights, security lights, backyard lighting, landscape lights – all of these old bulbs can add up to the loss of energy efficiency in a home.

Homeowners should be aware that outdoor lights, indoor lamps, and other various types may have a hand in their household’s electric bill too.  Remember what’s on outside.  Some homeowners have lights on 24 / 7.

You can fix this by:

Upgrade your old light bulbs by using LED lighting. For a small investment and a quick trip to your local hardware store, you can change out your old bulbs and instantly start saving. Not only saving monetary benefits, but you’ll also see a brighter tone in your living space. Another option is to use smart lights on an app for energy efficiency. From your smartphone, you can turn lights on and off or set them to a timer.


Upgrading your home’s electric panel doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, it can be a breeze with the help of our team of experts. Request a free estimate today and we can have you set up with a smart SPAN panel in no time! Not only will this upgrade give you peace of mind knowing that your home is prepared for the future of energy, but it could also save you money on your monthly electric bill. Isn’t it about time you made the switch?


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