Your Guide to Home Battery Backups

Power outages happen for many reasons and often without warning. There’s no telling how long you could be without power. For some families, that means critical medical equipment goes offline, scorching indoor temperatures, and wasted food. Many homeowners explore solar and electric battery backups as a solution. Here is a helpful guide to your own home’s battery backup options.
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What Are Battery Backups For Your Home?

Battery backups store energy to be used when the power goes out. Similar to whole-home gas generators, they connect directly to the electrical panel and home wiring. When power loss is detected, they activate and release stored energy through the outlets to keep your home functional. In the case of solar batteries, energy is harvested from sunlight. If the power is out for multiple days, the solar battery can continue recharging by converting more sunlight to energy.

What are the Benefits of Backup Batteries for Your Home

Nothing matches the value of having backup power. Your family can continue enjoying meals, hot water, and HVAC-treated air. During peak summer temperatures, this can be life-saving, as indoor temperatures could climb to dangerous levels. At night, you’ll also enjoy greater safety because you’ll avoid trips and falls in the dark.

Homeowners with complex health needs also prefer these battery and solar systems. Backup power can keep medical equipment, like CPAP machines, running. Refrigerated medications will also stay cool and won’t expire in the refrigerator.

In the case of solar battery systems, you’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using eco-friendly products. These produce no emissions when harvesting sunlight and generate completely free power, so you’ll know you’re taking steps to preserve the environment.

  • Keep important lights on during a blackout or storm
  • Prioritize energy use
  • Keep your food or medications cold or frozen in your refrigerators and freezers
  • Keep your heater or AC running as needed
  • Run power for your home office or entertainment
  • Protect your home / family during urgent power loss

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