Connecting a Tri Fuel Portable Generator to a Home

Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is William. I’m a master electrician.

Installing a SPAN panel in a rural area of Texas

We are at a house in a rural area that has a 50 amp circuit getting backfed into the electrical panel. So, it has an interlock kit and an inlet plug and we’re using a Tri Fuel generator that as of right now is powering up this house.

What to do when you lose power from the grid?

So in these cases, this is an excellent system to have to power up your home in these kinds of emergencies when you lose power from the grid. Now, there are some disadvantages and some advantages when it comes to all-electric houses. You’re limited because your appliances have a big draw. So, the higher the amperage, the higher the wattage. So if your home has natural gas, then you’re set up.

So in your case, a standby generator definitely works very well. A lot of people like the idea of having a standby generator because trying to get a whole battery backup system in your home, like a Tesla power wall or LG Cam or even an Enphase system, it’s pretty costly. So, a lot of people have come to us and they’ve asked us to install this kind of system so that they can have power in those emergencies, right?

When we lose power from the grid what options do we have? So a 50 amp standby generator will definitely power up those essential appliances and those essential circuits.

Low cost options for Backup Power

So if you are looking for the least expensive option, this is definitely it to have peace of mind. You know, to have your family stuck at home, right? To have peace of mind and something easy to install, user-friendly, that you can definitely power up your home with a standby generator.

What does your home need for a Power Outage?

Every house is different, every scenario is different. So the price might change depending on where your electrical panel is located, and where it needs to be installed. So, we can definitely help you if you’re interested in this setup.

How to Connect Your Backup Power

Step 1.
Turn on your standby generator and let it warm up.
Step 2.
Turn off the main breaker in the electrical panel.
Step 3.
Slide the interlock kit and turn on the backfed breaker.
Step 4.
Turn off all of the 240 volt circuits in the electrical panel.
Step 5.
Get the power cord, plug it into the inlet plug.
Step 6.
Then, plug it into your standby generator.

And this will power up your home.

How to DisConnect Your Backup Power

Once your power has been restored from the electrical grid, now it’s time to disconnect the standby generator.

Step 1.
Disconnect the power cord from the generator.
Step 2.
Then from the inlet plug next to the panel, turn off the backfed breaker and turn on the main breaker after you slide the interlock kit.
Step 3.
Then, turn all of your 240-volt circuits back on and your home will have power fully restored.

Now, you can shut off your standby generator and store it up.


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