Electric Cars in 2023 – How to best charge at home

Electric vehicles are not just the future of day-to-day transportation, but it’s happening faster than you may think. In 2022 we saw U.S. sales raise 62% in the first half of the year. They are simpler to manufacture than their gas-combustion alternative. They allow for the easy integration of driver assistance and other helpful technologies. And, they can be refueled in your home’s garage with renewable energy from the grid.

Beyond Tesla now, we’ve also heard about companies like Nikola and Rivian that want to be the “next Tesla,” but so far they’re struggling to show themselves to be formidable competitors to Elon Musk’s electric vehicle powerhouse. But we’re sure more will join the market in 2023. You’ll have options for an EV but what about EV Chargers for your home? SPAN Drive is making that even easier.

SPAN Drive is the only universal EV charger that gives you fast and dynamic charging without a service upgrade. This EV Charger is a Level 2 home EV charging station that pairs with SPAN Panel for a dynamic and flexible charging experience. With the SPAN Home app, SPAN Drive allows you to charge your EV faster, cleaner, and smarter.

TechCrunch called it “a sleek, competitively priced EV charger that extends the functionality of the Span Panel.”

Add an EV Charger to Your Solar Panels

When you partner SPAN Drive with SPAN Smart Panels and source their power from your solar panels you’ll have the best of both worlds – efficient solar power collection and use. Solar panels are not required to run SPAN Drive, but you’ll certainly have more advantages when you do.

Can you imagine having full control of your home’s energy use in the palm of your hands? Through the SPAN app you’ll be able to do just that. You can download the app today and test drive the features all for free.

SPAN has been awarded the title of 10 most innovative energy companies in 2022.

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